Make no mistake about it, a dissolution is not an enjoyable experience. There is simply no way around that fact. Couples that aggressively litigate their divorce cases generally need to prepare themselves for an unpleasant and costly struggle. While not always the case, generally speaking the longer the process, the more likely it is that the parties suffer emotional wounds, which take time and effort to heal.

Mediation provides an alternative method to resolve differences and is becoming an increasingly popular method for couples to use in lieu of litigation. The process allows a divorcing couple to sit down with an objective third party and talk through their issues with a goal of reaching a mutually agreeable resolution of their divorce. While mediation is not necessarily without acrimony, the fact that it requires parties to sit down and mutually address their issues has been recognized to reduce tensions. Mediation also helps the couples get beyond the pain and thus helps in the healing process.

Daniel Geraldi has assisted many couples in the mediation of their dissolution. He is experienced in all types of family law matters including child custody, child and spousal support, and property division.

As a mediator, Daniel does not represent either the husband or the wife. He would be able to inform both parties of their legal rights but would not offer legal advice to either one. At the end of the mediation, both parties will have agreed to all stipulations of the divorce and Mr. Geraldi prepares a customized divorce agreement accordingly. If you have further questions about mediation, contact Daniel Geraldi at (925) 364-4741.